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TVA Volunteers with Starkville Habitat for "Day of Service"

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was established May 18, 1933, with the signing of the TVA Act by Roosevelt Franklin. They're mission is to serve the people of Tennessee and the 6 surrounding states by providing clean, efficient, and cost effective electricity, flood control, navigation, and land management. Annually, TVA encourages staff and retirees to remember their establishment by participating in a "Day of Service". Employees across 7 states are volunteering this week at nonprofit agencies and organizations fulfilling their mission to contribute for the good of the community. 

Starkville Habitat is excited to welcome 23 TVA volunteers to our worksite at Kelly Estates. Carolyn Ward with TVA said she is honored to help Starkville Habitat, as she has done so for the last eight years. "We love volunteering with Habitat," she said, "making sure that a family has a decent home to come to, that means the world to us." We are honored to have volunteers helping us with siding, painting, roofing, and electrical jobs today. One volunteer, Jeremy, has a personal connection with Habitat. "My mom took me, and all of my brothers and sisters and had us work at [Starkville] Habitat every Spring." He says he's been coming to help for as long as he can remember.

A big thank you again to TVA and their wonderful staff, who took the time to help complete this home!

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