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Starkville Habitat for Humanity's Office Staff Worksite Day

The Starkville Area Habitat for Humanity was excited to organize an office staff worksite day. Amanda Henry, Executive Director, gave a hand with completing roofing. "It's important for each branch of our staff to understand what the worksite is like, rather than just conceptualizing it." Henry said. Stepping out of the daily routine is a great way to connect with one another and foster team-work.

As for myself, I helped with nailing siding. I learned a lot about home construction. I was surprised at how hard it was for me to hammer in those nails. Taking photos of our volunteers is one thing, grabbing a hammer and putting it to work is another. After the worksite day, I felt a deeper sense of purpose with my work, and I realized how important it is to experience each stage of home construction. Hayley, our wonderful office manager learned new skills like how to use power tools like the skill saw. She mainly worked with hanging electrical lights. She shared that she felt proud of her work and left with a strong sense of purpose. Implementing office worksite days helps us foster a work place culture of giving and service. Hands-on experiences like this one not only helps the community, but can also provide a sense of accomplishment for everyone involved.

Want to get your team involved? Plan a worksite day with us! Just email or visit this link to learn more:

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